Intense upper cold pool produces snow in Taralga

Friday July 25-26, 2003

Cold but reasonably dry conditions produced a textbook 'dusting' of snow, mainly on and west of the main Dividing Range in the area. Taralga itself, which lies just east of the range, saw a very light cover with up to 2cm falling on the higher ground surrounding the village.

Light, wet snow begins to settle on Friday night. Looking west over the village, showing the gradual increase in cover as one gets even slightly closer to the main Range.
Only a few minutes west of the village the cover is light but solid. Mt. McAlister is in the background. 'Iced' tree tops.
The rising sun dancing on the clouds. Looking north.
The cover on Mt. McAlister is a few cm deep. This shot looks east. Mt. McAlister trig. station.
More iced flora. Patchy cover on the way back in.

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